HS Solution accurately assess market situations and provide the optimal solution catered to the client's needs

Manufacturing-as-a-Service Platform

From product design to manufacturing, one-stop solution for seamless manufacturing

Factory matching

Manufacture with hidden champions 
in Korea supplying to global companies

Professional buyer

Put your mind at ease and let the pros do the work for you. Professional buyers with 20+ years experience will never leave you disappointed.

Business travel arrangement

Plan, schedule and accompany your visit to Korea so you can focus on what really matters

Parts manufacturing and sales

We manufacture various parts for automobile, construction machinery, and solar panel support structures.

Parts manufacturing

We design and manufacture parts that are discontinued and difficult to find or parts with a completely new design.

Parts supply

We sell AS parts at reasonable prices

Export support

We offer a variety of services including logistics, customs, documentation, packaging, and storage

Real Estate Consulting

Consulting services for real estate development, management, and sales

Investment consulting

Short- and long-term investment decision based on market trend analysis and feasibility assessments

Property management

Maximize profitability and minimize costs to increase value of your property

Retail MD

End-to-end franchise consulting experts will help you grow your business and increase property value

Raw material supply

Source high quality material, fast

High quality material

Sourcing only the best material produced by global steel manufacturers

On-time delivery

Speedy order fulfillment for fast and on-time delivery

Competitive pricing

Directly sourced from the manufacturers for competitive pricing


Business hours: AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00 KST
Lunch break: PM 12:00 ~ PM 01:00 KST

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